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  • mobile location data

AI-powered earnings predictions, competitive benchmarking, and customer insights from investment-grade data and expert analysts.

Better Decisions Through Data


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Investors use alternative data to cut through opinions and quantify customer trends, revenue growth, and market share changes using real customer data.


Access to qualitative net promoter scores (NPS) studies, small focus groups, and patchy data to inform strategists, marketers, and other corporate decision makers.


Management, strategy, and marketing consultants need both a 10,000-foot view and detailed company knowledge to effect change.

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  • Sourcing

    Find the right data for your questions.

    In our connected world, there are thousands of unique data sources with varying levels of quality and reliability. Earnest only works with partners who follow the industry’s highest standards for accuracy, trustworthiness, and compliance.


    Eliminate noise from outliers and churn.

    Even with the right source, anomalies in the data can lead to false conclusions. Earnest AI, our proprietary machine learning methodology, transforms raw data so you can extract signals from the noise.

    Classification & Validation

    Layer analyst context on top of clean data.

    Normalized inputs bring us closer to the truth, but algorithms alone can’t tell the full story. Analysts at Earnest are industry experts who validate data against reported results and can course correct when data deviates from expectations because they understand the big picture.


    Get to the (data) point.

    Distilling terabytes into takeaways requires significant resources and time. Earnest accelerates your speed to insight through our curated analytics platform, Dash. We believe alternative data research should work for you, not the other way around.

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    Trusted by the world's largest companies & hedge funds.

    “Top notch and unique analysis! Data is often a limiting factor. So we want to make sure we have the best data out there to give us the timely figures to provide the best, most up to date picture we can.”

    Thomas Bailey

    Executive Director, Consumer Foods, Rabobank

    “They add a lot more value than just the data. They actually have analysts keeping track of what might be skewing the data – it’s not just the numbers, it’s the context.”


    Long/Short fund manager

    “Earnest's row-level data allows me to create custom cohorts of consumers based on brand preference, income, and home location, enabling a wide range of valuable use cases and insights — customer retention trends, the financial impact of key events and actions, revenue forecasting, and much more.”

    Dan McCarthy

    Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory & Co-founder of Theta

    "Hungryroot has the best customer retention in the industry (and it has improved 50% over the past two years). The average customer spends more than $1,000 in their first year with the service – 50% higher than other leading online services based on data from Earnest Analytics."


    2023 Financial Results

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    “Turning data into action requires analysts who can apply a deep business understanding to the numbers.”

    Kevin Carson

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