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Performance Benchmarking

Spending data provides a clear picture of sales, transactions, ticket, and customer growth across thousands of public and private companies in real time.

Performance Benchmarking Trends Graph
Market Share Trends Share Graph

Market Share

Use spending data to track share of consumer dollars across traditional and DTC retailers by channel or geography. Use scanner data to track share of checkout of CPG vs generic brands.

Customer Behavior

Companies leverage spend and geolocation data to track new vs repeat customer spend, retention trends across cohorts, and customer lifetime value (CLV) for themselves and competitors.

Customer Behavior Graph
Macro Consumer Economy Sale over year graphic

Macro Consumer Economy

Spending data shows demographic, category, and total consumer spending, ticket, and transaction trends online vs in-store as well as by local geography.

Trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies and industry experts.

“To be able to benchmark our performance nationally and by individual market in near-real-time allows us to run our business more intelligently.”

Alex Pasley

Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy, Corepower Yoga

“We love the fact that we can break down grocery stores and foodservice industry to a player level and quickly understand who the industry’s winners and losers are.”

JP Frossard

Vice President, Consumer Foods Food and Agribusiness Research, Rabobank

“Earnest's row-level data allows me to create custom cohorts of consumers based on brand preference, income, and home location, enabling a wide range of valuable use cases and insights — customer retention trends, the financial impact of key events and actions, revenue forecasting, and much more.”

Dan McCarthy

Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory & Co-founder of Theta

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